8 get new start after graduating from Nashville’s Drug Court

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It has been a special week for a group of graduates in Nashville that are now drug-free, thanks to Metro Nashville’s Treatment Court Program.

Eight people, both young and old, trying to turn their lives around reached a milestone last week.

One by one, they got up to tell their stories in a Davidson Count courtroom as they graduated from the program.

Each spent more than a year in Treatment Court instead of going to jail.

Summer Biggs
Summer Biggs

“I came in to drug court hopeless and drug court gave me hope,” said Summer Biggs. “I didn’t love myself and y’all loved me.”

Biggs battled addition for 20 years. She tried numerous treatment facilities, but nothing seemed to work until she entered Treatment Court.

No longer broken and afraid, Biggs is now 18 months sober.

The newfound sobriety has helped her rebuild relationships with her children and family, and she’s on the way to getting her life back on track.

“Y’all gave me courage and for today, have my kids back in my life and I can be the mother I’m supposed to be,” she said at graduation.

Former Tennessee Titan Chris Sanders was the guest speaker at the ceremony and let the graduates know how heroic they are.

“A lot of times we look at athletes as heroes, and people that’s in the [public’s] eyes as heroes, but these people that overcame stuff in their lives, they’re my heroes,” Sanders told the crowd.

The program was created by Judge Casey Moreland 14 years ago. Any of the graduates would credit him as a big part of their success.

“”I think they’re being humble when they say that because it’s not me who has pulled them out,” Judge Moreland told News 2. “I might throw them a rope, but they did the heavy lifting. They pulled themselves out.”

From the probation officers to the treatment providers, the program is almost entirely made up of volunteer. Read more at gscourt.Nashville.gov.

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