Dog looking for forever home after owner’s death


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A dog with a heartbreaking story is desperately looking for his forever home.

Tater the pit bull lost his owner under tragic circumstances when he died in front of him several months ago.

The two-year-old dog was eventually picked up by an animal control facility. PHOTOS: Pit bull in need of forever home.

Hours before Tater was scheduled to be euthanized, the rescue group Pittie in Pink stepped in and took him in.

The Nashville-based animal rescue group has spent about five months trying to find Tater a forever home, especially after his foster family could no longer care for him.

About six weeks ago, Michael Vilanova, of Dogwood Hollow Kennels in Arrington, heard about Tater’s heartbreaking situation and volunteered to house him in the meantime.

However, due to prior reservations at the kennel, space will be limited in the upcoming weeks.

“As it gets busier, that’s when it gets tougher for us to have rescue dogs because we just don’t have as much space,” Vilanova said.

Tater suffers from separation anxiety and needs to be in a home without any other pets.

“The ideal owner for Tater would be someone who has the time to play with a high energy dog,” Vilanova said. “Pit bulls do have a lot of energy so they do need to be walked, give him his exercise and he’s going to be like this most of the time relaxed, laid back and loving attention.”

For more information, visit Pittie in Pink’s Facebook page.

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