Homeless man asks church not to be mad about tithing 18 cents

Homeless Man Offering
Courtesy: ABC News

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WKRN) – A note written on the back of an envelope and left in a North Carolina church’s offering plate has gone viral.

Inside the envelope was 18 cents with a note from an anonymous donor that said, “Please don’t be mad. I don’t have much. I’m homeless. God Bless.”

“The secretary called me over and in the envelope was a dime, a nickel and three cents. That was the 18 cents. We flipped it over and the note was there,” Pastor Patrick Hamrick of First United Methodist Church told ABC News.

Hamrick said he was moved by the gesture.

“We were very touched by it. I just had a phone call from the person who says that he’s the one [who left the note on the envelope],” he said. “I feel like he gave everything he had that morning and it’s a touching example of someone who has so little to give.”

Hamrick said the man chose to remain anonymous despite telling him the community could rally together for him if he revealed his identity.

“He’s asked me to keep it between me, God, and the church,” Hamrick explained. “He’s not upset about it; he just feels that he wants to be private. I have to honor it professionally.”

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