Police: 134 arrests made at Maplewood H.S. since August

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro police say a total of 134 arrests have been made at Maplewood High School since school started on August 5.

Of those arrests, 50 including handcuffing juveniles and taking them away in a squad car, while 70 others included a juvenile citation.

“Juvenile citations are often handled much differently than a standard arrest. [Metro police spokesman] Don Aaron will back this up. They very often end up being resolved outside of the court system, without kids being taking to the Juvenile Justice Center in handcuffs,” explained Metro Schools spokesman Joe Bass. “Of the 134 ‘arrests’ at Maplewood, more than half are juvenile citations.”

School officials; however, said they want to make it clear that not every arrest that has occurred on the school’s campus involved a student.

In some instances, some of the arrests were parents or other adults who just happened to be stopped on the school’s property located on Walton Lane.

“When we receive our data from law enforcement, it includes any type of arrest or citation assigned to the school,” explained Tony Majors with Metro schools.

While the numbers may seem high Majors said they aren’t overly alarming and that Maplewood has since an eight percent increase in graduation rates since last year.

“I don’t see those numbers as being a direct indication that the schools are out of control or there is an excessive amount of violence in any of our buildings. That is one data source, an important data source, and one we recognize that we need to improve upon, but all of our schools are improving across the board. We will not sacrifice school safety, but we will also find a way to meet the needs of our students,” he explained.

In addition to the increased graduation rates, school officials said Maplewood has had the biggest jump in achievement scores than any high school in the district and that the school’s attendance rate is 92 percent.

So far during the 2014-2015 school year, McGavock High School has had a total of 136 arrests, while Stratford High School  has had 51 and Overton High School has had 38.

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