Nolensville men aim to make portable toilets more appealing

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Portable toilets are not exactly visually appealing, but two Nolensville neighbors hope to change that.

“We can’t make them smell better, but we sure do make them look better,” Matt Martin told News 2.

Martin came up with the idea of Portabranding after noticing advertisements in bathroom stalls across the country, but he needed a partner to help make his vision come to life.

He found that partner right down the street.

“We have a little thing called redneck patio in our little neighborhood right here in Nolensville,” Martin said. “We break out a fire pit and throw it in the cul-de-sac. Dave came down with his family, and I knew that he had experience in the engineering field.”

Matt presented the idea of a screen-printed fabric porta potty cover to David Jones, who had some experience in 3-D printing.

Jones immediately bought in.

“I like challenges. It sounded like fun to do as a hobby, to try and come up with something and create something from start to finish,” he said.

Portabranding was born. Their product takes advantage of an unutilized advertising market by giving some businesses an opportunity to brand themselves, and other businesses a chance to sell that advertising space.

“You have a cost for bringing a Porta John on property. There is a cost for that and that usually stays in the red, you’re not going to get that cost back,” Martin explains. “We can show you a way to let companies come in, advertise their brand at your event, and you can charge them that premium space.”

The fabric cover is stretchy and secures at the bottom of the portable toilet with a bungee cord. It’s machine washable for multiple uses and comes with its own carrying case.

A basic intro model costs about $1,200.

“When we were testing this product, people actually stop and go, ‘Wow. This is amazing.’ We’ve actually seen, when we’ve left one up and the other one off, people gravitate towards the Porta John with our product on it,” Martin said.

For more info on ordering one, visit

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