Dogs saved from Manchester home get grooming, medical care

LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) – Volunteers have been working around the clock to groom the nearly 100 animals rescued from Coffee County.

The animals were discovered in Manchester in deplorable conditions. Click here to view a slideshow of the scene.

Scotlund Haisley, founder of Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), told News 2 the situation is the worst he has dealt with in his 26 years.

Manchester dog rescue
One of the dogs rescued from a home in Manchester

“They were statues. They had succumbed to death, you know; they weren’t jumping to the front of the cage. They were fearful in the back of the cage. There was just emptiness inside of them and now we are seeing life,” Haisley explained to News 2.

Nearly all of the animals had matting, one of the cases was so severe that the dog was stuck to his cage.

“His fecal matter had got stuck to the cage and then his fur, his matting, got stuck to the cage and I had to cut him out of his cage.”

Other dogs had missing limbs.

“She’s also missing part of her jaw. That happens from the teeth rotting out,” Michael Cunningham with the nonprofit told News 2.

It has taken all of the volunteers the past three days to just groom the animals to the point where they can feel comfortable.

Vet exams and grooming are nearly complete and the next step will be behavioral assessments before going to the corps placement partners.

“These dogs are certainly not ready to be placed in a forever home anytime soon. They’ve been through war, they’ve been through hell, and they have to recover,” said Haisley.

Caroline Irby is charged with animal abuse after the dogs, puppies and cats were found in extremely neglectful conditions.

ARC performed a second rescue operation in Tennessee Wednesday. They helped rescue 10 dogs found living in neglectful conditions at a trailer park in Lebanon. All of the animals were surrendered by the property owner.

The nonprofit organization tells us each rescue costs around $25,000, so they could use your financial help. They are also in need of food for the volunteers.

For more information on how you can help visit

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