Police receive calls about strangers in Belle Meade yards

Bell Meade

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – If you live in Belle Meade, chances are you’ve seen strangers walking through your neighborhood recently, possibly even your backyard.

Many residents have noticed two men, wearing yellow reflective vests, walking on their property. Some were concerned enough to contact local authorities to question who they are and what they’re doing in the area.

Belle Meade police have fielded several calls and complaints. Chief Tim Eads told News 2 the department has confirmed the men are utility workers employed by a private company located out of state.

The workers are in the area measuring utility lines to make sure they haven’t sagged due to snow and ice this winter.

“We’ve had contact with these folks. They’re legit. They are utility survey people,” Eads explained. “If they’re going to have to go behind someone’s property, they usually knock on the door and let them know. If not, they usually go. They have a right to go down the right of ways to do whatever survey they’re doing.”

The Belle Meade Police Department sent an email to local neighborhood watch groups explaining who the men are and what they are doing.

The email says many of the lines they are checking are on private property and the men will attempt to get permission to be in resident’s yards when possible.

Chief Eads added the workers are driving a private vehicle with a Spectrum Planning Inc. sign on it. One of their vehicles also has yellow flashing lights.

News 2 contacted the Spectrum Planning Inc. office in Saint Charles, Missouri.

The person who answered the phone confirmed they have crews working in the Nashville area.

News 2 left a message for a spokesperson to find out how long the work will continue and what other areas they may be working in. The call was not immediately returned.

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