Man videotapes ‘crazy’ encounter with Illinois tornado

Courtesy: Sam Smith/ABC News

FAIRDALE, Ill. (ABC) – A man captured his drive through a possible tornado on video, documenting the whirlwind as it seemingly passed right over his car.

“I have honestly never been in a tornado before,” the man says in the video, shot April 9 in Illinois. “It’s a little bit scary!”

As the black swirl moves closer and closer, he says, “I don’t really know what to do except…sit here, maybe duck down.”

The sky then gets darker and the rumbling gets louder as the swirl moves directly over him.

“The truck feels like it’s about to lift up off the ground,” he says.

Tornadoes were reported last week across three states. One of those tornadoes, an EF-4, according to officials, packed winds up to 200 miles per hour and devastated the town of Fairdale, Illinois, where two people died.

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