Local politician asks for forgiveness after DUI charge

UPDATE: The case against Vic Lineweaver was dismissed on Tuesday, August 30, 2016. A judge ruled there was a lack of probable cause in the traffic stop.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Local politician Vic Lineweaver is asking for forgiveness after he was arrested for DUI over the weekend.

The former Davidson County Juvenile Court Clerk is running for the Metro Council seat in District 35, representing the Bellevue area.

In an interview with News 2, Lineweaver said he is speaking publicly because “I’m not hiding. I want the public to hear my side.”

“I have made a mistake. I have regretted it, but I know I can do the job as their council representative for this great district,” he continued.

Vic Lineweaver
Lineweaver was arrested April 12 and charged with driving under the influence.

Lineweaver explained what happened Sunday morning around 1:15 when an officer pulled him over.

“I just got back out to help a friend of mine who was in trouble, that is a good way to put it, and I was on my way home and he was polite. He pulled me over. I was two blocks from my house and, yes, I had a few drinks, and I apologize for that,” he told News 2.

According to the affidavit, Lineweaver was driving on Old Harding Pike toward South Colony Drive when the officer saw him “crossing the double yellow center line, weaving, and driving in the oncoming lane.”

The affidavit states when the officer made the stop, he noticed Lineweaver had bloodshot eyes, couldn’t stand up straight, and smelled like alcohol.

According to the warrant, Lineweaver “admitted to consuming alcoholic beverages” and stated that “he took prescription medication for his shoulder.”

When News 2 asked him how much he drank, Lineweaver said, “I don’t remember that because I was at home. Probably a couple of glasses of wine, definitely at home.”

Lineweaver said he learned a lesson from the incident.

“I now have in my car two cards for cabs so if my friend calls and needs help, they are getting a cab, they are going to pay for it instead of me, and if I have a problem, I’m calling a cab,” he said.

Lineweaver thinks he should still get the chance to represent district 35.

“Experience counts. I have been in the council. I have been juvenile court clerk,” he said, later adding, “Please forgive me.”

News 2 checked Lineweaver’s record. This is his first DUI charge. He is due in court on May 6.

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