Dogs donated to THP to assist in drug detection

THP donated dogs

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Tennessee Highway Patrol recently received a donation of two dogs from Nashville K-9, LLC., to help state troopers ensure the safety and security of citizens across the state.

State troopers were gifted with a Dutch Shepherd named “Duke” and a German Shepherd named “Pito” at no cost to taxpayers. The estimated value of both dogs is approximately $18,000.

The two dogs will be assigned to a THP handler then the teams will undergo 10 weeks of training, specifically in drug detection.

Sgt. Karen Douglas, who oversees the Highway Patrol’s K-9 training, said the curriculum will focus on the scent detection of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana.

The dogs are taught passive response and to indicate they have found drugs by sitting.

The THP currently has 34 certified K-9 teams working across Tennessee. There are 21 drug dogs, four of which are trained in drug and patrol, 10 explosive detectors, two tracking and one cadaver canine.

K-9’s “Duke” and “Pito” will add to the THP’s drug team.

Nashville K-9, a dog training company, donates one to two dogs each year to a different Tennessee law enforcement agency.

For more information on Nashville K-9, click here.

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