2nd grader raises money for detectors after best friend dies of carbon monoxide poisoning

Britt Perkins
Britt Perkins (Courtesy: WATE)

WARTBURG, Tenn. (WATE) – Britt Perkins may only be in second grade, but he understands loss. His best friend died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Now he wants to protect his classmates.

On Sunday, Jamon Carrol, 8, died at his Wartburg home along with his relatives, Anthony Carroll, 44, and Jacob Carroll, 17. In memory of his best friend, Perkins is working to raise enough money to buy 23 carbon monoxide detectors; one for every student in his class and his teacher.

It’s been one of the hardest weeks for students, teachers, and parents at Wartburg Central Elementary. Everyone is simply heartbroken and they’re remembering their friend, Jamon Carroll.

“I’m just sad that he’s gone and I want him back,” said his best friend and classmate Britt Perkins.

Jamon’s desk has been moved to the front of the school and is a memorial now with messages from friends.

“It’s a hard lesson for all of us because it can happen to any of us,” said Britt’s mom Bessie Perkins.

Losing a classmate is something that’s been hard to grasp. “When you’re 7 years old you do not think about your friends passing away,” added Perkins.

An accident, Britt never wants to see again. So he’s raising money to buy carbon monoxide detectors, one for each student in his 2nd grade class.

“As a mom I can’t imagine losing my child. My heart breaks for that family. We’re a community that really pulls together in times of trouble,” said Perkins.

Friday morning, Britt said he had raised $335. He hopes to raise enough money so that he can buy every student in the elementary school a detector.

“Because he was my best friend and carbon monoxide detectors can save lives,” he said.

A school that will always love and miss their friend. “I just want him back, so bad. But he’s in a better place now and he’s with Jesus and God,” said Britt.

Central Elementary principal Dr. Shoemaker said the school is also holding a fundraiser to help the family with funeral expenses. A basketball fundraiser was held Friday. Monetary donations can also be made at any Citizen’s First Bank at an account set up for the Carroll family.

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