Woman finds stranger who helped after fatal I-40 crash

LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Lebanon woman still recovering from a hit-and-run crash that killed her husband turned to News 2 Thursday for help finding the man who helped her before authorities arrived.

After the story aired on News 2, the caring stranger who stayed by Leanne Rogers’ side after the Interstate 40 East crash on February 27 was found.

Rogers’ husband Donald was killed in the tragic crash.

“I don’t want him forgotten,” Rogers said. “I feel like things like this happen and then people are forgotten.”

She was critically injured and is still recovering from multiple broken ribs, vertebrae and a head injury.

Moments after the crash, Rogers says a man who witnessed the wreck called 911 and went to the car to render aid.

He stayed with her and spoke to her until rescuers arrived.

“I remember his voice and him telling me help was coming,” Rogers told News 2. “I want to thank him for being there for me.”

She continued, “I was so scared and felt alone as my husband was losing his life.”

News 2 obtained 911 calls about the crash and found the kind man. During the call, he can be heard telling the dispatcher what kind of truck he is in and that he is going to see if he can help.

“Tell them when they see the white Ryder truck, that’s the location because I am on the side of the road here,” he is heard saying. “Tell them I am going to go down there to see if I can do anything to help out.”

News 2 learned his name is Michael Underhill, and he was driving a white Ryder truck through the Wilson County area around 8:45 p.m. when the crash happened.

After News 2 aired the story and posted it to WKRN.com, Underhill connected with Rogers. The two planned to speak on the phone Thursday and meet sometime in the near future.

The driver in the hit-and-run crash has yet to be found. Authorities believe the car may be a newer model red Dodge 1500 crew cab truck, possibly with temporary tags and traffic cones in the bed.

Anyone with information on the vehicle or the driver is urged to call Sgt. Terrence Craig Smith at 615-741-2060, ext. 1. He can also be reached by email at Terrence.Craig.Smith@tv.gov.

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