Gov. Scott Walker sounds like presidential candidate at Tennessee capitol

Scott Walker

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – One of the Republican hopefuls for the White House got a one-day jump on his fellow contenders in Nashville Thursday.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is among the numerous would-be presidential candidates scheduled to speak Friday at the National Rifle Association convention in Nashville, but Thursday he was on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill for a luncheon with dozens of state Republican lawmakers.

“I am in town tomorrow for the NRA, so when I go around states being a state lawmaker myself, for many years back and now governor at the state level, I just think the real success in America is happening in our state houses,” he told News 2. “I think we need leaders in Washington who understand that and put more power from Washington back to the states.”

Gov. Walker’s presence quickly drew a crowd of well-wishers on the second floor of Tennessee’s Capitol.

One man told him he “drove 700 miles to get here, so you go for it bud.”

The governor said “thank you and good to be with you” before moving quickly into the closed luncheon with the Tennessee lawmakers.

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