Informational signs now required by new construction sites

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Have you ever passed by a construction site and wondered, “What’s going up there?”

An ordinance passed Tuesday night by the Metro Council will require developers to post that information.

Patricia Faulk lives in the Gulch near a construction site on 11th Avenue South.
“I hear it’s a hotel,” she told News 2. “We got an email from the manager of our apartments.”

The development will indeed be a hotel according to the developer, but Faulk says if she didn’t get that email, she would have had no way of knowing.

“There are no signs,” she said. “It just doesn’t say.”

This is why Metro Council member Frank Harrison sponsored the ordinance requiring permit holders for “major projects” to post a sign on the property providing information about the development.

A “major project” covers buildings more than three stories high or 10,000 square feet wide.

“This would be a convenient way, a convenient source of information, for people who just want to drive by and get out of the car and take a look and see what’s going on,” Harrison said.

“I’m surprised nobody thought about it before but I guess we didn’t have the type of development we have now,” he continued.

Harrison said for years he has been getting phone calls with questions about construction sites.

The signs will include a rendering of the outside of the building, a brief description of the property, an anticipated completion date, and contact information for the owner, developer and general contractor of the property.

The sign must be up for 24 hours before work begins and won’t come down until the project is done.

“I think it will good for us to know what is going on,” Faulk told News 2. “I’m all for it.”

Harrison said the ordinance was modeled after a similar one in Philadelphia. He said most large, progressive cities already have this in place.

He said about two thirds of developers are already in compliance with this ordinance.

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