Owner gives thank you bonuses totaling about $5.75M

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STEVENSVILLE, Mich. (AP/WOOD) — A business owner has given thank you bonuses totaling about $5.75 million to 570 workers at factories in West Michigan.

Steve Klotz, president and CEO of Huizenga Group, tells The Herald-Palladium of St. Joseph “it’s right to share with employees.” Grand Rapids-based Huizenga Group owned Dane Systems in Stevensville and JR Automation in Holland until selling this month.

Around $5 million was split up between 500 employees at JR Automation, while 70 employees at Dane Systems received around $750,000.

“The employees of the workforce are tremendous individuals, very caring, very hardworking. We want to treat them well. They’ve treated us well,” said Klotz.

Bryan von Dorpowski, controller at Dane Systems, says the workers weren’t surprised to get a profit-sharing check the day the business changed hands because yearly profit-sharing bonuses were somewhat typical. He says thank you bonuses, however, were a “total surprise.”

Dane Systems designs and builds custom machines and systems for several industries.

Klotz says bonuses were based on years of service and job position, typically ranging from $500 to $10,000. He says some got as much as $50,000.

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