Nursery offers tips on protecting plants from freezing temperatures


FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – Get your plants ready, as Middle Tennessee is expecting a hard freeze over the weekend.

David Forbes and his crew at John Deere Landscape Garden Center in Franklin had their work cut out for them Friday to prepare for the frigid temperatures.

The nursery is one of the largest in Tennessee.

“For the most part, we will try to bring everything in and cover it up as best we can,” said Forbes.

The National Weather Service issued a hard freeze warning from 1 a.m. to 10 a.m. Saturday followed by a hard freeze watch for late Saturday night through Sunday morning.

Homeowner Todd Sandahl heard the weather warning on the news and was visiting the nursery to find out what steps he needs to take to protect his plants.

“I need to protect the plants and make sure we don’t lose them because we have a lot invested in them,” said Sandahl.

Forbes advised instead of plastic, try using fabrics, like cotton or linen, as a covering to protect plants from frost.

A fabric covering like a bed sheet works really well since it allows moisture to escape, but still protects the plants from the frost.

It is also important to protect your fruit trees.

Most fruit trees bloom early and the freeze can kill the majority of the flower buds.

Forbes says fitted sheets work well for fruit trees.

For trees too large to cover, you may want to wrap the trunk with an insulating material, such as foam rubber or blankets.

Experts also say do not prune anything for a week or more after a freeze. It often takes a week or so for all the damage to become evident.

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