Lipscomb University students build bridge for schools in Honduras

Lipscomb students build bridge

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The goal of college is to prepare students for the future. While most lessons stay in the classroom, a group of engineering students at Lipscomb University took their lessons outside to get hands-on experience.

They designed a 104-foot-long pedestrian bridge.

“That is such a valuable lesson because it’s easy to design something on paper; it’s hard to translate that into reality if you don’t know what the reality ought to look like then you can’t really do a good job designing it,” said Fort Gwinn, the Associate Dean of Engineering.

Building the bridge is not only helping the students at Lipscomb, it’s also helping students thousands of miles away.

The bridge will be shipped from Nashville to Honduras where it will connect an elementary school to a middle school separated by a busy highway.

The students started building the structure Friday afternoon as part of a trial run.

“We are doing it on campus first to make sure it goes together well, all the parts fit up and everything like that,” said Gwinn.

This summer the students will travel to Honduras to build the bridge over again.

It should be finished by Noon Saturday. The bridge will then be on display at Lipscomb University in front of the James D. Hughes Center for the next three weeks.

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