Indiana woman gives birth to rare set of identical triplets

Rare triplets
Courtesy: ABC News

GREENFIELD, Ind. (WKRN) – An Indiana couple has three times as much to celebrate with the birth of their new children.

Ashley Alexander gave birth to identical triplets this week. According to WRTV-TV, Sophia Mae and Alexis Kae weighed in at more than 4 pounds, while Ella Shae weighed 5 pounds.

“It’s just an awesome blessing for God to entrust us with three more little blessings all at once,” Ashley said.

Rare triplets
Courtesy: ABC News

The couple, who already had a son, conceived the triplets naturally. They were shocked to find out they were having three babies.

“She was checking [Ashley] and right away there were twins, and she goes, ‘Let me check for a third,'” Matt Alexander told WRTV-TV in an earlier interview. “I’m like, she’s just joking. I said, ‘You’re joking,’ and she said, ‘No, we don’t joke about this stuff.’ So [Ashley] about came off the table.”

Although there’s no definite rate for the number of identical triplets born every year, it is a rare occurrence, reported ABC News.

“It’s hard to calculate a conservative estimate,” Dr. William Gilbert, the director of women’s services for Sutter Health in Sacramento, California, said about the rate of naturally conceived identical triplets. “One in 70,000 – that would be on the low end. The high end is one in a million.”

The family has a plan in place to help them tell the babies apart.

“I’m painting their nails,” Ahsley said. “One’s going to be pink, one purple, and the other probably pale blue.”

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