Tenn. program to help kids focus in class goes international

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A program that started right here in Nashville to help kids focus in school has gone international, and it’s completely free for teachers.

It’s called GoNoodle and gets kids moving in a fun and interactive way.

“GoNoodle is a website with games and videos that gets kids up and moving next to their desk,” said Reagan Brown. “And after playing GoNoodle, kids are re-focused; they’re more engaged and they’re ready to learn again.

Reagan Brown
Reagan Brown

For teachers like Katelin Greer, who teaches fourth grade, it helps with the younger students.

“It lets them move their bodies, especially for those kids that are constantly wanting to get out of their chairs, get that extra energy out,” Greer told News 2.

GoNoodle offers about 100 different videos and interactive games. Some include stretching, running or dancing, and they’re a big hit with the kids.

“I like GoNoodle because I get to dance and exercise and have fun!” said student Kevontae Sweeney.

“I like GoNoodle because it’s really fun and like, when we’re finished with our snack, we do GoNoodle and it gives your exercise and makes your brain stronger,” said another student, Anya Porter.
While the program helps with focus, it’s also helping fight childhood obesity.

It’s also completely free in Tennessee, thanks to a $3 million grant over the next three years from Blue Cross Blue Shield.

“They are committed to fighting childhood obesity in the state and getting kids the 60 minutes of physical activity that the CDC actually recommends,” Brown explained.

He added, “The future is continuing to grow our footprint, so we’re used in over 100 countries across the world and all 50 states. So we will continue to get more and more kids up and moving next to their desks.

Teachers interested in registering for the program simply go to GoNoodle’s website by clicking here.

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