DA Funk to pay state back, sign on to new pension plan

District Attorney Glenn Funk
District Attorney Glenn Funk

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Davidson County District Attorney Glenn Funk will pay the state back for a job he took while waiting to assume his position as DA as well as sign on to a new pension plan.

The old Metro pension plan was more lucrative to those who qualified than the current pension system.

Funk has been accused of assuming a job before becoming the district attorney in order to be a part of the more lucrative plan.

District Attorney Glenn Funk
District Attorney Glenn Funk

Following reports of Funk’s actions, the state of Tennessee moved to investigate whether ethical or legal violations occurred.

In a Thursday letter to Senator Brian Kelsey, Funk writes, “I have always believed that all my actions were authorized, legal and ethical. Nevertheless, in hindsight I can understand how this situation may appear as me being afforded an unfair advantage.”

The district attorney later says the issue “is taking public attention from the reasons I sought this office—helping battered women and children, and trying to bring more equality to Nashville’s justice system.”

Funk continues by stating that in order to remove any questions regarding his state benefits, he is completing paper work to enroll in the current retirement system and withdraw from the pension program.

He concludes by stating he will “reimburse the state for any funds disbursed on my behalf” and apologizing for “the distraction that my actions have caused the legislature and the District Attorneys Conference.”

Click here to read the full letter.

Funk’s announcement comes two days after the Senate Judiciary Committee indicated it wanted him to testify next week.

In response, Sen. Kelsey released the following statement to News 2:

“I am pleased that General Funk made the right decision to respect the integrity of taxpayer dollars. Regarding the issue of whether he will testify on Tuesday, I don’t speak on behalf of the entire committee – so, I will do my best to reach them over the weekend and we will announce on Monday whether or not we would like for him to testify on Tuesday.”

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