Smyrna could change the way city issues speeding tickets

SMYRNA. Tenn. (WKRN) – The city of Smyrna could soon change the way speeders receive tickets within its city limits.

City council members approved on first reading the purchase of electronic mobile devices to be used rather than paper citation books.

Smyrna Police Chief Kevin Arnold
Smyrna Police Chief Kevin Arnold

“What it is, is a device an officer can take and the officer will be able to scan the driver license. It will automatically upload the information and feed it to the equipment,” explained Smyrna Police Chief Kevin Arnold.

“You’re going to save on paper because you’re no longer issuing paper citations per say, so from a cost savings and storage standpoint, it just makes a lot of sense,” he added.

Arnold told News 2 the electronic citations will also be safer for officers who stand on the side of the highways while they fill out the paperwork.

“The average police stop for the town of Smyrna last year lasted 21 minutes,” Arnold said. “We’re hoping now only with this technology from the standpoint of officer safety of them being on the side of the road and citizens safety too, it’s going to cut down on the amount of time hopefully traffic stops will be 10 minutes and possibly less.”

The equipment would sit in patrol cars along with a small paper printer in the event the driver prefers a paper copy. Each device costs $1,000.

“On a speeding ticket the individual will see a $5 increase with $1 with the courts and $4 to the police department to buy the equipment and the associated equipment with it,” Arnold said.

Smyrna council members approved the purchase of the equipment on first reading. It will be taken up again at the next council meeting.

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