California man loses winning lottery ticket worth $1M

Courtesy: ABC News

CALIFORNIA (WKRN) – A California man was unable to collect a $1 million lottery winning after he misplaced the winning ticket.

ABC News reported the unidentified man went to the lottery office on Thursday to claim his prize of just over $1 million when he realized he had lost his Powerball ticket.

“We believe the man who came forward yesterday was the actual guy in the surveillance footage,” a lottery spokesman told ABC News,” but unfortunately, in Powerball rules, you have to have a physical ticket to win.”

Lottery officials said they had been searching for the winner of the prize money since the drawing Sept. 13, 2014.

According to the spokesman, the man learned of his prize when a supermarket employee recognized him and informed him of the unclaimed prize money.

The man came forward when a retailer at the supermarket recognized him and informed him of his unclaimed prize, the spokesman said.

The prize money, which expires after six months, will now be donated to California schools.

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