Family creates National OverTip Day in honor of late brother

Will McPherson

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Eight years after a Nashville dentist died of brain cancer, his sisters are encouraging people to over tip their servers in honor of their brother.

Will McPherson was in college when he was diagnosed with cancer.

“He died March 10, 2008 and he died after about an 8-year battle with a brain tumor,” said McPherson’s sister Dr. Cristin Lewis. “He was 29 years old.”

Will McPherson
Will McPherson

After his death, McPherson’s family began hearing stories of how he frequently over tipped waiters and waitresses who served him in restaurants.

“Will was very generous, but he didn’t want any attention drawn to it. When he died, we learned all of these stories that he had done,” said his young sister Jennifer Adams. “Like going into Waffle House and leaving a $50 tip when all he had was a cup of coffee.”

The McPherson family launched OverTip Day to honor his generosity.

“It’s benefiting so many people,” said Lewis, who shared a dental practice with her brother until he could no longer work.

“It’s such a great thing to do, to just one day a year, lift somebody up for doing a good job,” she said.

National Overtip Day was started by the sisters eight years ago just after Will’s death.

This year, they have a Facebook Page dedicated to the effort and ask people to take snapshots of their restaurant tab to show how they over tipped.

They also ask that people write a note to their server explaining where the idea came from.

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