Facebook reconnects Tenn. man with ring lost 16 years ago

Jonesborough lost class ring
(Courtesy: WJHL)

JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. (WJHL) – When you lose something valuable and it does not turn up after a month or so, it may be easier to think it is gone forever.

That is exactly what JC Harrison thought after losing his Daniel Boone High School class ring more than 16 years ago.

Harrison says his parents paid $450 for the class of 1996 ring. After graduating, he went to play paintball with some of his friends in Knoxville, about 95 miles southeast of Jonesborough, and that is when he lost the ring.

Jonesborough lost class ring
JC Harrison (Courtesy: WJHL)

He called the paintball place, left his name and number after searching for it, but nothing ever came of it.

Just last week that would all change.

Harrison says a woman by the name of Linda Marohn in Knoxville found him on Facebook. As it turns out, she had been looking for the owner of the ring for almost as long as it had been missing.

The two reunited in Knoxville for dinner last week so the ring could finally be returned.

“You think that people are always just out for themselves, and this lady Linda, she spent 16 years trying to find me, find the owner of the ring and she found me, she never stopped, she told me it was safe in her jewelry box,” said Harrison.

Harrison told WJHL after having the ring cleaned, he made sure it was stored somewhere safe, not wanting to lose it ever again.

He also said it will be a ring he makes sure to pass on to his son.

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