Suspected thief arrested after getaway car gets stuck on ice

Devonta Hall

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A 19-year-old Nashville man is behind bars thanks to a piece of ice on the street.

It all started when Tequan Guinn was shoveling his driveway on 31st Avenue North.

Guinn told police he noticed a car pull up on the street with four men inside.

Suspect's car gets stuck in snow
31st Avenue North

Three of them got out of their car and approached him, and before he realized it, Guinn said he felt guns to the back of his head.

The victim reported the men demanded his money and clothes before throwing him down on the street and running back toward their car.

Metro police arrested Devonta Hall and charged him with aggravated robbery. Authorities said he drove the getaway car in the robbery of a man who was shoveling his driveway.

The man driving the car, later identified as Devonta Hall, tried to drive away but the car got stuck on the ice.

An eyewitness said there was time to jot down Hall’s license plate because he got out to try and push the car off the ice.

Police were called and Hall was arrested a mere several blocks away. Officers brought him to the house where the victim and eyewitness identified him as the man behind the wheel.

Hall, who has been arrested nine times before, was charged with aggravated robbery.

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