Florida police officer rescues drowning dog

Courtesy: WFLA

PINELLAS PARK, FL (WFLA) – Pinellas Park Police officers responded Thursday to a call for assistance after a small dog broke free from her leash and fell into water.

When officers arrived in Mainlands, they saw the small dog swimming in the water frightened and distressed, according to the PPPD’s Facebook page.

The water had retaining walls all around which prevented the dog from coming to shore.

The dog, named Daisy, was about 50 yards from the sea wall. Officers say Daisy was scared and was not swimming toward the police officers and firefighters who responded to the scene to assist.

Officer Butterworth did the only thing he could to save the dog. He entered the water and swam out to the frightened dog, according to the post.

Daisy was rescued by Officer Butterworth and returned to her very worried and thankful family.

Officers learned from speaking to Daisy’s family that she was being walked by a family friend when she broke free and ran off. Daisy ultimately fell into the water.

Daisy’s friends and family were all very thankful to Officer Butterworth.

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