Churchgoers take stand against proposed swingers club near Christian school

Churchgoers protest Social Club in Madison

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nearly a dozen congregations in Madison gathered Sunday for a community-wide prayer meeting at Goodpasture Christian School.

The churchgoers united to take a stand against plans to relocate a swingers club near the school.

“It’s between a church and it’s between a school,” Pastor Sandy McClain of Mt. Calvary Madison explained to News 2.

Pastor Sandy McClain of Mt. Calvary Madison
Pastor Sandy McClain of Mt. Calvary Madison

The Social Club has operated at 700 Division St. but is looking to relocate to 520 Lentz Drive.

McClain says the proposed location of the swingers club can be seen from their church grounds.

His congregation marched in the rain to meet for the “Unity in the Community” prayer service.

“We came together. Different denominations, different races, different religions, all, we came together on one accord to say no. This cannot happen here in this great area,” the pastor said.

Last month, the Metro planning commission approved a rezoning plan that would prevent private clubs from opening within 1,000 feet of schools, churches, parks and residences.

The next step is Tuesday with a public hearing.

“We are taking people down there by the bus load and we want to let the council people know that we are serious about Madison and we are also serious about keeping the area great, not just for our generation but for generations to come,” Pastor McClain explained.

News 2 also spoke with the Social Club’s attorney who plans to attend Tuesday and express his support for the relocation of the club to Madison.

He told News 2 he will file a lawsuit if Metro Council members pass the ordinance that would effectively block the club from opening at its new location.

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