Editor decides not to pursue charges after man caught stealing LGBT paper

Vanderbilt newspaper

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Thanks to News 2 and a quick thinking Vanderbilt police officer, a man caught on tape stealing gay and lesbian newspapers at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center has been identified.

News 2 first reported the crimes last month after surveillance video captured a man stealing Out and About Nashville.

At the time, the editor of paper, James Grady, called it a hate crime.

After the story aired, a Vanderbilt police officer identified the man who reportedly confessed to the crime.

“It’s been confirmed. It’s because we are an LGBT newspaper. He didn’t like it. He thought it shouldn’t be available to the public that way,” explained Grady.

However, Grady decided not to prosecute once he learned the man is frequently at the hospital visiting a chronically sick relative.

He realized an arrest charge would ban him from the medical center, making him unable to visit.

“The idea of hurting a bystander made it not worth it for us. We really wanted to stand on principle and send a message that you can’t target our community but on the other hand taking a pound of flesh is not what we are about,” Grady said.

He added,”The suspect says he will make restitution to the newspaper for lost periodicals and promises to never do this again.”

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