Police increase presence after threat found at Brentwood High School

Brentwood High School

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (WKRN) – Students at a Williamson County high school are seeing an increased police presence on campus this week.

Brentwood High School administrators found threatening graffiti in a boy’s bathroom last Friday.

Students told News 2 the harmful message involved some kind of shooting threat to be carried out Friday, Feb. 13.

Williamson County School officials would not confirm specifics on the threat, but they did tell News 2 the message referenced Friday the 13th, a day many who are superstitious consider to be unlucky.

Ed Glynn, whose son is a sophomore at the school, said he and other parents were immediately alerted about the threat by the school’s principal Friday.

“I have full confidence in how they are handling it, being very public and transparent; that’s the most important thing,” said Glynn.

Sharon Puckett, a spokeswoman for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, said both deputies and school resource officers are currently reviewing video to help identify a suspect.

Both the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, who is taking the lead in the investigation, and Brentwood police are working together to patrol the campus in an effort to ramp-up security.

Last September, there was a similar incident which also involved graffiti in a boy’s restroom with a threatening message to harm both students and teachers. The incident led to the cancellation of ACT tests.

Pucket said they are looking to determine if this recent threat is related to last year’s.

No decisions have been made about whether classes will be canceled this Friday.

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