East Nashville residents upset about illegal dumping in neighborhood

Illegal dumping

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A corner of east Nashville has become a magnet for construction waste, which has lead to other illegal dumping.

The issue has neighbors angry. One woman videotaped alleged offenders in the act two weeks ago.

Nanette Little Young stood at her kitchen door and captured the crime.

The wife and mother said she saw a white van stuck in the mud in the woods beside her house.

Young knew they shouldn’t be there so she started taping. She watched the van rock back and forth trying to get out of the mud. She then witnessed three men dumping items like trash, scaffolding, CDs and nuts and bolts.

Young and her husband tried to get the van’s license plate were not successful.

This is the same property on the corner of Eastland and Rosebank avenues that has seen an entire yard of construction waste dumped.

The house was reportedly abandoned and the entire yard is now filled with dirt and concrete and rocks.

Residents have talked to the property owner who reportedly says they are appalled at the dumping and they have no idea who is doing this.

Young said, “It is bad for property values and it is dangerous and it sends out a message to whoever is visiting that we are a bunch of slobs. Whoever is doing this dumping should be very ashamed.”

The director of Metro Codes Department told News the property owner was cited Jan. 21.

He had until this past Tuesday to get the site cleaned, but the property owner requested an extension.

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