Boy’s family arrested, charged in staging his kidnapping

Missouri fake kidnapping
Clockwise: Mother Elizabeth Hupp, grandmother Rose Brewer,family friend Nathan Firoved, and aunt Denise Kroutil allegedly staged the stunt. (Courtesy: Lincoln County Sheriff)

TROY, Mo. (AP) — A Missouri boy’s mother, grandmother and aunt have been arrested and charged after authorities say they staged his kidnapping to teach him about stranger danger.

Lincoln County sheriff’s deputies say the three wanted to scare the 6-year-old boy because he was too nice to people.

They enlisted the help of the aunt’s male co-worker, who authorities say lured the child into his pickup.

Deputies say the man told the boy he’d be nailed to a wall and also showed him a handgun after he started crying. He bound the boy’s hands and feet and blindfolded him.

Authorities say the boy was taken to his home, where his aunt said he could be sold into sex slavery. The family lectured him about staying away from strangers after untying him.

Police were alerted after the boy told school officials. He has been placed into protective custody.

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