Andrew Hagewood, infant heart recipient, celebrates 3rd birthday

Baby Andrew Family
Courtesy: Facebook

WHITE HOUSE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Andrew Hagewood, the infant heart transplant recipient, celebrates his third birthday Friday.

Andrew was born with an enlarged heart Feb. 6, 2013.

“Three years ago was the darkest day in our life. We had no idea Andrew was going to be born with any complications whatsoever,” father Keith Hagewood recalled.

Andrew underwent a heart transplant when he was just six weeks old and spent months in the hospital.

Now at three, Andrew is beginning to walk with the help of a walker and enjoys playing with his three older sisters.

“Andrew is doing incredible,” Hagewood said. “The last six months he has really started to take off. Life is really normal.”

Hagewood said Andrew has been out of the hospital for about a year and has not suffered any health-related issues due to his heart.

“He’s striving and growing each day,” he said. PHOTOS: Andrew Hagewood

Hagewood said as his son celebrates his third birthday, a day the family was not sure they would ever see, the family remembers the child organ donor.

“Without an organ donation, Andrew would not be here. He would not have been able to survive through what he did,” he said.

Hagewood continued, “We are so thankful for them that they made the decision to make the donation that saved out child. We are so thankful for them that they made the decision to give life through organ donation.”

Andrew will celebrate his birthday with a party with his family at his White House home.

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