New York’s winter storm helps reunite missing dog with owner

(Courtesy: WABC)

NEW YORK (WKRN) – A winter storm helped reunite a dog that went missing from his New York City home back in August with his owner.

Fire Lieutenant Dave Kelly told WABC he first spotted Burt, a whippet, digging for food a few weeks ago at a training site.

Kelly said he had been feeding Burt ever since, but was never able to get close enough to him to catch him

Burt had been missing for more than 5 months when he was captured overnight Monday. (Courtesy: WABC)

In attempt to rescue Burt from the frigid temperatures, Kelly set a trap.

Burt was captured overnight Monday on Randall’s Island and was later reunited with his owners after Kelly searched the Internet and social media to try to locate the dog’s family.

Burt’s owner, who had set up a Facebook page for Burt’s return, told WABC, “I am tremendously grateful for the efforts of the FDNY to recover Burt. Burt has been running loose in the city for more than five months and managed to evade capture by friends, family and many Good Samaritans.”

Burt is now back at home with his family.

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