Maryville couple pays off $100K of debt in nearly 2.5 years

Bryant and Emily Adler
Bryant and Emily Adler

MARYVILLE (WATE) – A Maryville couple is hoping their story of paying off nearly $100,000 of debt in just two and a half years will inspire others.

Bryant and Emily Adler know exactly how much debt they owed, down to the dollar.

They say most of it came from student loans and they were determined to be debt-free soon after they got married.

“For all the goals that we had for each other, with wanting to travel and buy a house and do different things, this is holding us back,” said Bryant. “So that was when we decided we got to knock this out.”

They both work for the Alcoa school system and say they made that promise to themselves two and a half years ago.

How did they pay off nearly $100,000 so quickly? They started by cutting their cable bill, keeping old cellphones and cooking at home.

But it wasn’t that easy.

“Looking at the number and knowing we were doing all we could do was hard because there were days it didn’t feel like it moved at all,” said Emily.

Some of the couple’s inspiration came from well-know financial coach Dave Ramsey. He helps people get out of debt.

The amount they owed kept going down.

On Christmas Eve last year, they had a balance of zero dollars.

“The good day so definitely outweigh the bad and in the end, making that final payment, there was no greater feeling.”

Since the Alders are debt-free now, they’re hoping to celebrate by taking a trip to Hawaii this summer.

They’re also saving up to buy a house next year.

The Adlers were featured in the finance section of Yahoo this month. The couple will also be featured on the David Ramsey Show in mid March.

The couple also also started a blog where they try to help others in similar situations.

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