Battle wages over possibility of adult club moving near Christian school

Goodpasture Swinger's Club Meeting

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – On Tuesday, an attorney for an adult swinger’s club spoke about the right of the club to operate their business across from Goodpasture Christian School.

Thestatements from The Social Club’s attorney Larry Roberston followed Monday’s community meeting where Madison residents expressed their opposition to the adult club’s proximity to the school.

“I would feel uncomfortable,” said ninth grader Hope Tinsley. “I would feel like most of my friends would probably end up leaving because their parents would take them out and I wouldn’t want to lose them.”

“They might be concerned with just walking around on the campus because it’s just right over the fence, it’s right beside the school,” said her mother Carla.

Goodpasture Swinger's Club Meeting
The meeting about The Social Club’s possible new location on Jan. 26, 2015 was packed with concerned residents.

Doug and Jennifer Warren, parents of a seventh grader at the school, think the meeting was effective.

“I think it shows everybody that, you know, there are a lot of different forces coming together in this community,” Doug Warren said.

“My hopes is that it would just go away but I don’t think that that’s going to happen so hopes is that we can just come to some sort of resolution where they do not move in,” said Jennifer Warren.

Tuesday, Roberston said, “If I purchase a piece of property, or if my clients purchase a piece of property, they’re entitled to use it anyway they choose, as long as it’s in keeping with the law. The people at Goodpasture have the freedom to conduct their lives any way they choose, within the bounds of the law, and so do other people.”

Robertson emphasized that the school was forcing its values on the business, something he said should not happen in the United States.

“I mean there’s freedom of religion, there’s freedom to live your life as you wish, as long as you don’t harm other people.”

The Social Club’s new location at 520 Lentz Drive in Madison is the site of a former medical office.

The Social Club
The Social Club

Metro Nashville Zoning Administrator, Bill Herbert said the zoning in the area permits the operation of a private club.

To meet the zoning standards, Herbert said the business must only be open to members and their guests, and not the public. Additionally, the club would not be permitted to have live performances.

On Nov. 10 of last year, The Social Club filed a request for a permit to operate as a private club on Lentz Drive.

According to Herbert, the business also needs to file a building plan before a permit would be approved.

In a Tuesday interview with News 2, Ricky Perry, President of Goodpasture Christian School, reiterated the school’s strong opposition to the club.

“I think what’s troublesome, number one, is just the proximity it is to small children,” he said.

Perry said he would do everything he could to prevent the club from opening.

“We’re going to pursue that at the highest level legally. We’re going to pursue it politically. Our goal is for them to never open their doors at 520 Lentz.”

Metro Council Member Karen Bennett, who lives in Madison and attended Goodpasture, said Tuesday, “I think the only people that seem to be for the club are the owners and members of the club.”

Two days later on Thursday, Bennett and others introduced a new ordinance to try and block The Social Club’s move.

The ordinance will have its first reading Feb. 3.

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