Mom paralyzed by tornado gets free surgery on ‘The Doctors’

Amy Hawkins
Amy Hawkins' episode of "The Doctors" aired on Jan. 22, 2015.

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Hendersonville mother, paralyzed as she covered her young children during a tornado, had surgery to relieve severe pain in her back.

Amy Hawkins was critically injured in 2006 after she rushed her young sons to a closet as a tornado neared their home.

The storm destroyed their house which was rebuilt years later by the ABC Show “Extreme Home Makeover.”

Amy Hawkins
Amy Hawkins

Hawkins e-mailed the producers of the syndicated TV show “The Doctors” after hearing them speak about a spinal surgery.

Producers flew her to California to have the surgery in December.

“The neurosurgeons I talked to before never said anything about having a bone graph done, that this bone never healed properly,” Hawkins said as “The Doctors” episode aired Thursday.

“The purpose of the surgery was not to walk again. Just the surgery, that’s not going to all of a sudden give me feeling back,” she said.

The pain, though, was practically eliminated with the exception of what Amy calls “a little” pain in her left side.

She told News 2 the surgery five weeks ago may not give her the ability to walk, but it’s a baby-step.

“I’ll be able to exercise more and start building up that muscle that I don’t have anymore,” Hawkins explained. “In hopes that one day I’ll be able to stand, then start using a walker. That’s still down the road some, but it’s still a dream of mine that I won’t give up on.”

Hawkins told News 2 the doctor who performed the surgery offered his services at no cost to her family.

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