Guests at Mt. Juliet pool get Folliculitis after swimming in pool

MT. JULIET, Tenn. (WKRN) – Around a dozen people said they got painful, red bumps on their bodies after swimming in a hotel pool over the weekend.

They said doctors told them its bacteria called Folliculitis.

“It kind of feels like a sun burn and it feels like blisters all over you and it pops and you can’t lay down,” said 10-year-old Lily Green.

Lily Green, Folliculitis
Folliculitis is water-loving bacteria that can grow in swimming pools or a hot tub that isn’t properly maintained.

Lily said it is getting worse, so on Wednesday her mother Dana took her to the emergency room at TriStar Summit Medical Center.

She said she noticed the bumps on Sunday, the day after she attended a slumber party at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Mt. Juliet located on South Mt. Juliet Road.

On Saturday night the group went swimming at the hotel’s pool.

“There were four kids and one adult, and three of my friends got it including me, but my friend that didn’t stay in the pool very long didn’t get it and her mom didn’t get it because she was not inside the pool,” said Lily.

“Her father saw on Facebook another party was at the hotel the same night, same hotel, and the next day the teenagers all had rashes, that have been in the pool,” said Dana Green.

Lily Green, Folliculitis
Lily Green

Doctors at Summit diagnosed Lily with Folliculitis. Amy Valet, a dermatologist at the hospital, told News 2 Folliculitis is water-loving bacteria that can grow in swimming pools or a hot tub that isn’t properly maintained.

The organizer of the other party told News 2 those teens were diagnosed with Folliculitis, too.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence. There are too many of them from the same hotel, the same night that have it,” said Dana Green.

Shelley Walker, the Assistant Director of Communication and Media Relations For the Tennessee Department of Health said inspectors went to the hotel Friday Jan. 16 as part of their “normal inspection process.”

According to a report, health officials found “no critical violations.” In fact, they got a score of 96 out of 100.

Walker said they were back again Wednesday after learning about the reports of “skin irritation” but couldn’t say anything more until the investigation is complete.

She said the hotel is fully cooperating with their investigation.

Thursday morning, management of the Holiday Inn Express & Suites released the following statement:

Thank you for contacting the hotel on regards to the issue with children’s getting sick. The hotel is looking in to this mater and has not taken this issue very lightly. The health and safety of our guests is one of our top priorities. We also pride ourselves on maintaining clean modern accommodations for our quests. When we are made aware of any potential health or safety issues, we take them very seriously. Upon receiving notice of the immediate concerns, we voluntarily requested a re-inspection from the Wilson County and State of Tennessee Health Departments, even though the Health Department was already contacted by few parents. It is our understanding that those Health Department inspections revealed nothing unusual and actually resulted in a score of 96 out 100 for the first inspection and found nothing different in there last inspection. We regret that anyone has experienced illness but there is no indication that our property is to blame.


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