3 Nashville massage spas raided in prostitution bust

What A Day Spa

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro police raided three massage parlors Tuesday as part of an ongoing prostitution investigation.

Authorities said the raids came after undercover operations showed employees were engaging in acts of prostitution.

Female employees of the AAC Chinese Therapeutic Massage parlor on Lebanon Pike are alleged to have engaged in sexual contact with operatives at least three times.

Female employees of Hickory Day Spa on Hickory Plaza Drive allegedly engaged in sexual contact with operatives on at least two occasions, and the same allegations arose against What A Day Spa on Bell Road.

Latoya Stone, a neighboring business owner to Hickory Day Spa, told News 2 the business had not been around long.

“Less than 6 months. I’ve been here for 10 years, so with most of my neighbors, I, at least, get to see them and know them by passing by or at least recognized their face, but I haven’t seen anybody,” Stone explained.

Mustafa Maen, who owns a barber shop near What A Day Spa, says their clientele were very specific.

“There were no females going in there, just males; people driving nice cars,” Maen said.

Eight women who work at the spas, all from China, were issued misdemeanor prostitution citations. They are identified as:

  • Xiaolin Li, 31, from AAC Massage
  • Mei Hong Huang, 45, from Hickory Day Spa
  • Yanjun Zhu, 28, from Hickory Day Spa
  • Xuemei Qin, 43, from Hickory Day Spa
  • Dongmei Zhang, 41, from What A Day Spa
  • Fang Wu, 22, from What A Day Spa
  • Xiolei Wang, 36, from What A Day Spa
  • Yan Jin, 35, from What A Day Spa

Last year, officers conducted multiple raids leading in over a dozen arrests.

In February, four spas were raided and 10 people were arrested. In November, a woman was charged and two businesses were padlocked. In December, four people were arrested at a Green Hills spa on Dec. 10.

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