Maury County Jail hires nurse practitioner to cut down on inmate doctor visits

Maury County jail nurse practitioner

COLUMBIA, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Maury County Jail is changing the way it deals with inmates’ medical needs.

The jail brought in a full-time nurse practitioner to treat inmates on site instead of transporting them to a doctor’s office.

Sheriff Bucky Rowland
Sheriff Bucky Rowland

Sheriff Bucky Rowland told News 2 the move will save taxpayers money in the long run. He said it’s also a safety issue.

“We’re on a limited budget around here and we want to be as efficient as we can with taxpayer money.
By having in-house medical care, that’s going to help us do that,” he explained.

According Sheriff Rowland, inmates were transported to outside medical clinics 108 times in January 2014.

“It’s also going to keep our community safer by keeping folks that don’t necessarily need to be out on the streets so it’s a safety issue as well,” he added.

After the nurse practitioner came on board, that number dropped to just 28 visits in December 2014.

The jail already had two full-time nurses and one part-time nurse on staff.

The jail partners with Maury Regional Medical Center to provide care to inmates. Inmates will be transported to the hospital in emergency situations.

“We want to provide the best healthcare that we can for our inmates. If we can get these folks seen in a timely manner then we may head something off that may be life threatening to them as well,” Sheriff Rowland said.

It has the capacity to house approximately 380 inmates at any given time.

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