86-year-old Florida woman has lived on cruise ship for 7 years

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WKRN) – A Florida woman has called a cruise ship her home for the last seven years.

Lee Wachtstetter, known by Mama Lee to most of the crew on board, has called the Crystal Serenity home since her husband of 50 years died.

After his death, Mama Lee says she sold their five-bedroom, 10-acre Fort Lauderdale home and made the move permanent, WSB-TV reported.

She says her and her late husband went on 89 cruises during their 50 year marriage so she wanted to continue that now that he’s gone.

She’s been to so many countries that she has stopped counting. She said she lost count after 100, but that she hardly ever gets off the boat anymore because she’s seen the ports so many times.

However, she cannot resist exploring Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.

As one can imagine, the lifestyle is not cheap. All of her cruises, meals and activities will cost her about $164,000 this year.

Mama Lee said she enjoys dancing almost more than anything on the ship. She’s taken lessons over the years and dances with the ship’s instructors for about two hours each night after dinner.

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