5 city buildings in Gallatin without fire alarms

Gallatin Fire Hall

GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Gallatin city council will vote to spend some $46,000 on fire alarms for five city buildings, after the city was cited by TOSHA for not having alarms at city buildings.

Two fire halls, two police stations and the city hall are getting fire alarms. The buildings were all built in the 1970s when fire alarms were not required.

According to Gallatin fire inspector Ben Harris a shortage of money was the reason the city building did not have alarms.

“City hall was advised years ago. We were asked to do an inspection of city hall, to know what they need to have. We made them a list of different things and the alarm system was one of the things on the list,” he said.

City hall was notified late last year that it did not pass requirements by the state to have working fire alarms.

The police station was cited for using an extension cord where a wired electrical source was needed. It was also cited for neglecting to inspect the buildings fire extinguishers regularly according to a police spokesman.

“We do have smoke detectors in all of the fire departments,” said Harris. “I agree with having smoke detectors because the guys have to sleep here at night and everything. They need something to alert them in case something happens during the night.”

When a fire alarm is pulled at buildings in Gallatin, the alarm is sent to the county’s 911 center which dispatches fire, police or other emergency departments.

A fire alarm inside a fire station is not necessary, according to Harris. But in the public’s mindset, fire alarms should be installed and working.

“If you’re making my job as code enforcement, and if I’m out here making everybody else do it, you should lead by example,” he said.

Gallatin city council members are expected to approve the spending for the alarms in all five buildings Tuesday night on a first reading.

Gallatin’s risk manager JamiAnn Hannah told News 2 approval takes two readings and expects it to get approval at the next city council meeting February 3.

Once approved, Hannah said the alarms will be installed the next day.

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