Sumner County man says property taxes more than doubled

SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – When Sumner County resident Tommy Porter got his property tax notice in the mail last month, he could barely believe the numbers.

Tommy Porter
Tommy Porter

“Last year I paid $1,632 and this year I’m paying $3,498,” Porter said from his home in Castallian Springs. “I just thought this was astronomical right here.”

Porter knew that Sumner County commissioners had approved a near 24 percent property tax increase, but he didn’t understand why his property tax jumped 110 percent.

He contacted the tax assessor office and was told he should have reviewed the tax notice that was sent last spring. When he wasn’t satisfied, Porter contacted News 2 for answers.

News 2 first called the tax assessor office in December and was told that Mr. Porter’s property would be reviewed.

On Thursday, he received a call from someone in the office and was told his property tax appraisal was being dropped from $559,600 to around $320,000.

Porter's property
Porter’s property

“My mom just found out she has cancer. My wife has cancer. That’s a lot of money right there, it may not seem like a lot, but yeah, it makes a lot of difference,” Porter said.

The change in the appraised value of Porter’s property is primarily due to several acres of property that were considered “lake front” although the tract is several hundred yards away from water.

“That’s $47,000 an acre, but the surveyor told me once I cut that off [three acres of adjoining land] it’ll only be worth $12,000 an acre.”

Porter paid the property tax bill of $1,800 before the deadline but says it will be lower next year.

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