Fla. teen saves officer’s life while under arrest

Teen Saves Cop
Courtesy: ABC News

FT. LAUNDERDALE, Fla. – A Florida teen will be honored later this month for helping save a police officer while he was being booked into jail last fall.

The dramatic incident, which occurred Sept. 10, 2014, was all captured on surveillance video. Click here to watch the video.

According to Fort Lauderdale police, Officer Franklin Foulks was processing Jamal Rutledge on charges of violating probation and burglary when he collapsed to the ground, clenching his chest.

Rutledge quickly began yelling and kicking the security fence in an effort to get the attention of other police officers.

Sgt. Todd Bunin overheard the commotion immediately. With the help of officers Robert Norvis and Raymond Kethmark, the three performed CPR and used a defibrillator on Foulks before emergency personnel arrived to the scene.

Rutledge, alongside the three officers, will be honored during a City of Fort Lauderdale commission meeting Jan. 21.

“By commending the juvenile as well [as the officers,] we hope the juvenile will maybe turn some things around and not have such negative interactions with the police,” Det. DeAnna Greenlaw told ABC News. “We wanted to make a positive impact on him and his vision of police officers.”

Foulks remains on light duty at the police station, but is expected to return to his normal duties by the end of the month.

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