Cop called ‘Power Ranger’ by murder victim’s son testifies in Jacob Pearman trial

Officer Chris Williams

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Murfreesboro police officer, who was referred to by the murder victim’s son as a “Power Ranger,” was the first to testify in the second day of the Jacob Pearman murder trial Wednesday morning.

Pearman is accused of killing his wife Carla inside their Rutherford County home on Valentine’s Day 2013.

He also faces a child abuse charge, which he is on trial for simultaneously, involving Carla’s then 7-year-old son. The now 10-year-old boy testified on Tuesday.

Officer Chris Williams was the first to respond to Blackman Elementary on the morning the child was allegedly abused by Pearman in December 2012.

“To me [it] looked like a bruise on the back of his neck. Based off my training and experience, from where someone had placed their hands on his neck,” Williams said.

Jacob Pearman court Jan. 14, 2015
Jacob Pearman is charged with first degree murder, child abuse and aggravated assault.

Officer Williams also said on the stand that he wanted to protect and comfort the young boy.

During testimony, pictures of the child’s injuries were presented to the jury, which reportedly included cuts and bruises to his stomach and neck.

Officer Patrick Doughtie also testified saying Carla’s son had a four to five inch scrape across his stomach, as well as red marks on his rib cage and the back of his neck, and a knot on the back of his head.

Doughtie said Carla seemed surprised when she saw the alleged injuries on her son.

The child’s statement to medical personnel regarding the alleged abuse was also read in court.

It said in part, “I got into a fight with my stepdad last night and when he woke me this morning he choked me, threw me down and kicked me in the side.”

Jacob Pearman court Jan. 14, 2015
At the time of her death, Jacob and his wife Carla Pearman had only been married 3 months.

Carla’s brother, Chris Parnell, also testified Wednesday afternoon.

While on the stand, he said Carla had said she was going to “fix what she had gotten herself into.”

Just before court was adjourned for the day, a video of Pearman and his wife Carla at the police station was shown to the jury.

In the video, Carla is crying while Pearman maintains he didn’t do anything to her son on the day of the alleged abuse.

“I didn’t do anything this morning,” he can be heard saying.

The trial, which began Tuesday, is expected to last another five to eight days.

The jury in the case has been sequestered and is staying in an undisclosed location with no access to media coverage.

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