Bill would require ‘cooling off’ period in domestic abuse cases

David Chase
David Chase

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A bill filed in the Tennessee Legislature Wednesday would do away with a loophole in the current domestic violence law.

Right now, those accused of domestic abuse are required to stay in jail for a 12-hour “cooling off” period, but a judge has the right to waive that period if they choose.

The bill filed Tuesday by Republican Rep. William Lamberth would take that ability away from judges, requiring the mandated 12-hour waiting period.

The “cooling off” period has come into play several times in the past but perhaps most notably in the case against Nashville real estate developer David Chase.

Chase was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and given a 12-hour “cooling period,” but Judge Casey Moreland waived that period and Chase was then accused of assaulting his girlfriend for a second time only to be arrested and have the “cooling off” period waived again.

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