Knoxville woman trapped under car tire for 19 hours

Bessie "Susie" McCormick, Knoxvile
Courtesy: WATE-TV

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A woman knew something was wrong when her mom didn’t show up for work and wouldn’t pick up the phone.

Turns out her mother was at home in South Knox County, but she was pinned under her car’s rear tire. Her daughter says she had been there for 19 hours.

“Everyone that comes in says she’s such a beautiful person and she would give the shirt off her back for anyone I mean that’s just how she is, she’s the caregiver and for this to happen to her it’s just so devastating,” said Jenny Harwell, Bessie “Susie” McCormick’s daughter.

McCormick, 69, was found trapped under the tire Tuesday. Harwell says she didn’t hear from her mom Monday night or all day Tuesday, so she knew something was wrong.

“I got worried and start calling her and her phone didn’t go straight to voicemail,” said Harwell. “When I got to the hospital, she was alert and talking a little bit and she was still very confused, but she was saying it was so cold, my phone was two feet away I couldn’t reach it.”

Harwell says she thinks her mom came home, forgot to put the car gear in park, stepped out with her left foot, the car started moving forward and knocked her down and the tire rolled on her left leg.

A deputy with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office rescued McCormick after hearing a faint voice asking for help.

“The first surgery she’s had, they went in to open up her leg so they wouldn’t have to amputate her leg and she’s had two more surgeries after that, and basically they go in and remove all the dead tissue,” said Harwell.

Harwell reported doctors said they’ll continue surgery until there is no more dead tissue in her left leg.

“Her kidneys aren’t doing very well right now and that’s why she’s in ICU and after the second surgery her lungs pretty much quit working on their own and they had to put a ventilator on her,” said Harwell.

She continued, “They just said that if she has to have dialysis after she’ll have a long road ahead of her with rehabilitation on her leg.”

McCormick will have her fourth surgery Monday to remove more of the dead tissue in her leg.

Her daughter told WATE she also broke her ankle on both sides and hopes her mother will be able to do her rehabilitation in Dallas with her family.

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