January marks month with most divorce filings

divorce file

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It sadly seems to be a New Year’s tradition as much as resolutions.

January is the month when most divorce petitions are filed, whether it in Middle Tennessee or around the country.

“The month is probably 20 percent of my business,” long-time Nashville family law attorney Helen Rogers said. “I have been doing this 30-years and it’s always our busiest new client month. It’s a constant trend every year.”

She showed News 2 rooms full of boxes at her State Street office.

The boxes hold the petitions and documents from just this year of people who no longer want to stay married.

“One case I am dealing with has 17-boxes alone,” said Rogers. “The phone starts on ringing, and I can’t stay busy enough.”

She believes January is the busiest month for divorce petitions filings because “people don’t want to get divorced during the holidays. January is when we try new things.”

Rogers added that things like “New Year’s resolutions and change your life, improve your situation probably contributes to [January divorce filings]. Maybe people have had a bad year and they are thinking maybe I have to make a big life change.”

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