90-year-old twins die 2 hours apart on Christmas Day

Martha and Mary
The 90-year-old twins passed away just hours apart on Christmas Day. (Courtesy: ABC 7)

GRANITE CITY, IL (WKRN) – The death of 90-year-old twin sisters who died hours apart last week is gaining national attention.

Mary Dixon died at the home she shared with her twin sister, Martha on Christmas Day. Hours after her death, Martha also passed away.

“”They had a bond like no other,” granddaughter Amy DeConcini told ABC 7. “They fought like sisters, but, yet, loved each other like sisters.”

The family said Martha and Mary’s passing away just hours apart from each other sends a powerful message.

“For twins to go out on the same day, two hours apart, it’s like one had to take the steps to pass and help then other one get through that,” said DeConcini. “It’s been hard trying to get through the holidays. However, this was the Christmas miracle that our family needed for it to happen together.”

The twins were married to brothers. One of the brothers changed the spelling of his last name so he could re-enlist in the military.

The pair was born in Sept. 1924 in Bear Spring, Tennessee.

*ABC 7 contributed to this report.

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