Sunset Grill closes its doors after 2 decades

Sunset Grill

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Sunset Grill in Hillsboro Village officially closed its doors on New Year’s Eve.

A staple in the neighborhood, Sunset Grill operated for over 24 years.

“I’m really surprised that it’s closed down,” said Frank Webb, who used to live in Hillsboro Village about a decade ago.

Sunset Grill
Sunset Grill

He said he used to go to The Sunset Grill frequently. “For a long time it was like the place to be,” he said.

The restaurant’s owner, Randy Rayburn, said he was closing Sunset Grill because of declining revenue. In fact, it was less than half of what it was seven years ago.

“I love Sunset Grill, it’s a shame it’s closing,” said Pat Crawford, a Hillsboro Village resident.

Nearby Bosco’s, a well-known restaurant and micro-brewery, closed in late September after 18 years in business for similar reasons.

“I think there’s just a ton of transition happening right now in Nashville,” said Crawford.

“I would say it’s probably closing because you’ve got all these places that are coming up,” said Webb, who was referring to new areas like The Gulch and 12South.

“You’ve got a lot of places that are really coming out that people want to go to and experience,” he continued.

Sunset Grill
Sunset Grill

Even though Webb moved away, he still spends time in his old neighborhood.

Thursday, he was watching football with dozens of others at another area hot spot, Sam’s Sports Grill.

“I just hope that it will continue to strive and there will be a lot of businesses that will continue to open,” Webb said. “I don’t think there’s going to be a problem. I just think that it’s a matter of time before everything gets back to the way it was.”

Some new businesses are popping up in the area, though, including a new wine store.

Sunset’s owner Rayburn said he will now focus on his other two restaurants, Cabana, which is also in Hillsboro Village, and Midtown Café.

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