Defense attorneys ask for dismissal of charges in Holly Bobo case

Jason Autry, Zach Adams
Jason Autry (L) and Zach Adams (R)

DECATUR COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Attorneys for two suspects accused of kidnapping and murdering Holly Bobo are asking for the charges to be dismissed.

The motion filed by attorneys Fletcher Long and Jennifer Thompson says they have yet to see a bill of particulars, or a detailed account of why Jason Autry and Zach Adams have been charged.

The prosecution was ordered by the court to provide this information by Dec. 24, 2014 but has failed to do so.

Holly Bobo
Holly Bobo

“The government has not advised defense counsel as to the status of the physical examinations that were believed to have been performed on the skull, whether it will seek the death penalty in the subject cases, or exactly what evidence on which the government intends to rely in the prosecution of these defendants or just why it believes them responsible for the death of the alleged decedent,” the motion states.

It goes on to say that if the skull found in rural Decatur County this past September should belong to someone other than Bobo, or if it remains unknown, “that seriously impacts the government’s investigative integrity and credibility going forward in the light of what it released through the media…”

Due to the lack of evidence being turned over to them, Long and Thompson are requesting charges be dismissed.

They further request the state of Tennessee be ordered to pay the defense teams’ fees “for being forced to file and argue this motion.”

Earlier December in a hearing during which both Autry and Adams were present, the presiding judge scolded both prosecutors and defense attorneys, saying the pace he set for the trial has been largely disregarded and things are moving too slowly.

Judge Creed McGinley also expressed concern that key evidence had yet to been provided to defense attorneys.

Both Adams and Autry are facing one count of aggravated kidnapping and one count of first degree murder each. Adams’ brother Dylan is also charged in the case with two counts of rape against Bobo.

The nursing student disappeared from her home in Parsons, Tennessee, about 90 miles west of Nashville, on April 13, 2011.

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